For almost two years, I had a podcast, and it was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the time spent on it, but I felt like some things were missing. Since we put the podcast on pause over a year ago, many people have asked me to continue it. After a lot of discussion with friends and peers, I have decided to restart the show as a live stream on Twitch with episodes going out on YouTube and podcast platforms the next day.

The last month has been software installs, testing, research, studying, and watching many other streamers and people with shows. It seems pretty simple, everyone does it, and then you find OBS (open broadcaster studio) and all of its versions. Next, you find out almost all other streamers that are “doing it right” have discord chats, and custom emotes for their subscribers. You soon realize that many graphics and videos need to be created and that you don’t know anything about streaming. Luckily for me, I found pretty early, and their guides are fantastic.

I set to work making backgrounds, emotes, channel graphics, new profile photos for social media accounts, and videos for starting the stream, pausing it, and ending the stream with that knowledge. Here are the rough drafts of those videos as they stand today:

Starting Stream

Pausing Stream (BRB)

Ending Stream

After getting the basics in place for a stream and all the social accounts, it was time to start work on the new website. I didn’t want to build it on WordPress or any of the other larger platforms. I wanted to go back to just writing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and generally coding in a simple text editor or IDE. I’ve started using Panic’s Nova IDE, and I love it. I am building the website with the great static site generator Eleventy (11ty), Tailwind CSS, AlpineJS, and Fuse.js for search. It has been a lot of fun learning all of these newer tools. I will be building all future websites on this stack.

So as you can see, I am putting a lot of effort into building out the new show. I hope everyone enjoys what we have coming up. The plan is to have three episodes a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I will be live for 2 hours. The hope is to have as many good guests as we can and have a lot of regulars that we all love.

To support the show, please subscribe to the show on Twitch. That will ensure my ability to keep producing content! As I figure more of this fun stuff out, I will make a few more things available to subscribers like early content, guest spots on the show, submitting questions for upcoming guests, and whatever else we can think of to make the show great.