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Episode #91 Elbit, the NRA, Substack

December 21, 2023

Episode #91 Elbit, the NRA, Substack

Welcome Gregg Housh to the show.

In this episode:

  • Live on YouTube and Twitch at the same time, finally!
  • Health update, surgery coming soon (27th).
  • Why are they remaking Road House?
  • Beeper gives up, mostly.
  • New Russian electric vehicle is the ugliest car ever made.
  • The NRA is having its worst year since 2008, and we love to see it.
  • Mike Flynn getting inducted into the Rhode Island Heritage Hall of Fame.
  • Speaker Mike Johnson took his daughter to a creepy purity ball.
  • Police in the UK can now do facial recognition on all 50 million faces in the license database.
  • Giuliani declares bankruptcy in an attempt to avoid paying $148m.
  • Elbit's web design and web hosting vendor, Naked Creativity, have cut ties.
  • The US vetoes a UN resolution vote for a ceasefire in Gaza.
  • 170 Epstine assiciates will be named in the new year.
  • 200+ Substack publishers wrote a letter to the owners asking why they allow so many nazis on the platform.
  • Using large language models (LLM) localy lets you turn off logging and ask it about all the fun stuff (and get answers).

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